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by GodOfDSL:
This problem is usually caused by the Splitter in the Telephone Company's central office. You should contact your local phone company and have them test the line.

If you run into the road block of you having DSL with someone else. Don't let this deter you.
As long as you can explain this to them right they should help you. If worse comes to worse, I have heard of Tech support reps actually calling the phone company on occasion to assist with this, but it is up to the individual rep. The noise you hear occurs when the DSL modem is on, because it is now requesting a signal from the DSLAM. The part the noise actually gets your line is in the equipment at the CO, generally the Splitter, where your DSL line connects to your Voice line. Now the Phone company may say this is Covad's property. The Splitter is owned by the phone company, so don't let them tell you that.
They may also tell you that they cannot touch Covad's equipment and there for you will need to open a Trouble Ticket (TT) with Covad in order to get this resolved. Covad cannot open TT's for voice problems.

(Please contact ELNK to open the Actual TT with Covad, Covad will not open a TT with a customer Directly.)

There are two ways the phone company will handle this. They will either fix the problem with the voice and the DSL and they will work properly together.

Or they will yank the DSL off of the Cross connects, which is before it gets to the splitter, going out. And this will kill your DSL signal.

If the latter happen, then please call ELNK and have them open a TT with Covad to have the Cross Connects checked if needed or replaced.

Please note!

On a few occasions this is caused by inside wiring or filters, but it is most often caused by the splitter in the CO. Please check your local settings before calling the phone company. Best way to do that is to isolate the line to one phone and filter, and your DSL modem, try not to use a cordless phone for this.

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