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If your BellSouth email worked previously but has recently stopped working properly, check your email client configuration to insure that you are using the correct email server address format.

The correct email server address for all BellSouth customers is mail.bellsouth.net and should be used for both the POP and SMTP servers.

Detailed instructions on setting up common email clients are available at the BellSouth Email Configuration Page.

NOTE:Your email password can be different from your main FastAccess password. Also, unlike having to log into FastAccess, your email does not require "@bellsouth.net" after the username. To change your email password check here.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I have been using the emial address dgerken@bellsouth.net for up to 10 years. However, recently, after A T &T took it over, my password no longer works. I have tried many times to correct, but ATT has passed the buck to Yahoo.com and that has been the clincher. I wish to completely get rid of the dgerken@bellsouth.net email address as it is no longer usable.

    2010-10-14 08:34:30

  • I was using BellSouth and all of a sudden I was thrown into Yahoo. All SAVED e Mail is lost. Why the change? Retta l. Sims = odemae@bellsouth.net

    2010-09-14 07:59:54

  • Everything is set up properly. My e-mail can recieve but not send. Anna

    2009-10-28 22:25:59

  • My e-mail will not send but will recieve.

    2009-10-28 22:24:31

  • I have not been able to access My paid for account of e-mail account. If this is not corrected ASAP! I will be force to close all of My Accounts. This is stupid. I can even check My e-mail for job's responding to My Resumes!!! Linda Douglas linddouglas@bellsouth.net All of My services will become Null and Void, is this is not resolved before close of bussiness day!

    2009-08-05 04:12:54

  • UMMMM THE ADDRESS FOMR SET UP IS NOL LONGER VALID...how typical of bell south!!!

    2009-07-19 22:36:10

  • The links in the BellSouth Email Configuration Page do not work. jrb

    2009-03-05 12:26:18

  • cannot get email on webmail to come up getting yahoo sign in,, I do not like yahoo for my home page, please answer, cheryl_kinslow@bellsouth.net

    2009-02-05 22:03:52

  • I can't find my bell south email. Where is it?

    2009-02-03 21:58:05

  • My trouble is I cannot send email from my bellsouth.net email account. But if I log on to AT&T and go to my email at bellsouth.net I can send e mail but once I read an email it disappears.

    2009-02-02 15:47:42

  • I have had problems with my Bellsouth.net e-mail hanging up on a message and never completing the download. After much go around with technical support, I discovered on my own that something like a malformed header was causing it. If I went into bellsouth webmail, I could delete the offender and everything would be OK. This has happened about 3 times in the last 4 years.

    2008-09-18 12:09:34 (TransEng See Profile)

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