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Install a 10" neon light. Since neon tubes come in different length's choose the right length of neon tube for your case. The tube and power supply have been covered with black plastic end caps for safety. The kit will come with a switch that you can install in your case to turn the light on and off. There are many places you can mount it, but the easiest place is in a spare 3 1/2" drive bay cover. In order to make cutting the whole for the switch much easier, the kit may come with a sticker template. There is an option of either drilling holes in your case and screwing the neon in or sticking it in place with double sided tape. If you add and change parts often, decide on a more temporary placement and use the double sided tape provided or if the kit didn't come with double sided tape use Velcro that has a adhesive backing. A disadvantage of having a neon light is that they give off heat that can lead to an increase in case temperatures. I found the case temperature to only rise 1-2 degrees Celsius after prolonged use of the neon. This is hardly anything to worry about but may become a problem for those of you who need the coolest case possible. It also only uses on average 3 watts of power which is less than what a hard drive uses.

Installation of Switch

1. Turn off your computer and disconnect from power source before you start.

2. Remove your case cover. Decide on a location for the neon switch. Avoid any obstructions inside your case.

3. Mark the center on your cover for the switch and apply switch cut out template.

4. Using a nibbler, jigsaw, dremel or drill, cut along the line on the cutout label and file any sharp edges.

5. Deburr the edges using a deburring tool or file.

6. Install the switch in its opening.

Mounting Your Neon

1. Decide on a location for your neon.

2. Mount the light using the double sided tape provided. Or the achieved back Velcro you can buy at a drug store.

3. Connect the two terminals to the switch.

4. Connect the molex connector to your PSU.

5. And reconnect your computer to its power source and turn the computer on. Your neon light may automatically come on if the switch was in the on position, if not flip the switch to see your new neon light in action.

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