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Every computer needs cooling, but to what extent? Cooling is one of the most basic principles in building a computer, and can/will provide excellent stability and overclockability. How is this? Silicon's performance decreases as temperatures rise, causing unwanted crashes, errors and low stability.

Many overclockers look for CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) before anything else in a fan. However, your computer will sound like a fighter jet if you don't factor in the noise!!! Most 80mm Fans will shoot out about 35-40 CFM with reasonable noise (30-40 DBA) Anything above, and it's all noise, as these fans can reach extremes of 50-60 DBA, but it's your hearing! The ultimate overclockers dream is to have a silent PC with a lot of CFM. A PC is considered silent when below 28 DBA. Many overclockers also look for many 80-92mm Fan holes in case (anywhere from 4 and up)

Generally, name brand fans are the first thing to look into like Panasonic Panaflo, Sunon, Delta, Sanyo among others.

Deltas are for extreme overclockers who don't care about noise, and generally have a loss of hearing. They have high RPMs to pump out high CFM, but in some cases, you can get your body parts chopped off if you don't be careful and put on a fan grill

Sunons are the mainstream fan, and for good reason. They pump out reasonable amounts of air with not too much noise.

However, many overclockers and regular users alike are turning to Panasonic Panaflos for their remarkable quietness with excellent CFM. Unless you are such a hardcore overclocker, and do not care about the noise one bit, and you live for the highest CFM, Panaflos are the way to go.

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