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Almost all the computers built today now have a front mounted fan, or at least a place to mount one, hidden behind the front panel. The manufacturers usually cut some slots or a few hole for the fan to draw in cooler air. Now that's like trying to drink a very thick milkshake thru a very small straw, it takes a lot of work. Now just image what is happening to your fan, it's working harder than it has to and drawing very little air.

If you have or are going to put in a front mounted fan, the best thing to do is open up the area in the front panel that is covering up that fan and cover it with a grill. This will drop your case temperature by 3-4 Celsius and the fan won't be straining to pull in fresh air.

You'll have to buy a grill to cover the hole that you are about to cut and it will have to be at least the size of the fan that's hidden behind the front panel. So if you have a 80mm fan get yourself a 80mm fan grill. I used a fancy laser cut grill that you can find at PCMods they also carry the regular grills too.

The first thing you do is remove the front panel and drill a hole in it in the area that would be right in front of the fan. Now using a Dremel, jigsaw or even a hand saw, enlarge that hole so it is the size of the fan grill that will be covering it. Stop your cutting every now and then and match the hole you are making to the grill that you will be mounting over it and make sure they match up. Don't make the hole larger than the grill or it won't look professional.

Once you have the hole cut to the size you need, sand any rough edges down with some fine grit sand paper. Now lay the grill over the hole and carefully match them up. Now mark the mounting holes by using a pencil and sticking it in the grills mounting holes and wiggling it back and forth. Now carefully drill those holes with the correct diameter drill bit. You can find out what size drill bit you need by finding a drill bit that will fit thru the grills mounting hole.

Once the holes are drilled you are ready to assemble everything. If you use a laser cut grill you may want to use a piece of stiff screen to stop any objects from entering your computer case.

Hold the grill to the front panel and insert the screws thru the mounting holes of the grill and on thru the front panel. If you are going to use screen, put holes in it where the mounting screws will go thru it and mount it on the back side of the case and put the nuts on the screws and tighten them. Now your fan will have an easier time pulling fresh air in the case.

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