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If you are using CPUFSB or CPUCool to raise your FSB, you'll need to know your PLL (Phase Locked Loop). Crack open your box, get a flashlight and do the following:

On your mobo, probably near the CPU, you should see an oblong crystal (rounded sides, metallic looking chip) about 1cm long. It will have the number 14.3xxx MHz beside it. Near that chip, you'll see a small IC. Look at it very closely. It should have a manufacturer tag or imprint and a series of numbers or alphanumeric codes -- this is your PLL.

See this graphic for identifying the manufacturer:Here

Now select your PLL in the software you are using. You'll have a range of FSB/PCI bus speeds to select from, depending on what is available for your chip (CPUFSB/CPUCool will tell you what's available). If your PLL is not there, you may not be able to raise your FSB with software until a future update of the software.

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