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The temperature limits as shown by AMD and Intel are the limits that the CPU can handle before it is destroyed. But this is not a guide to go by when looking for a normal operating temperatures. If your CPU were to even approach 80C it would most likely and hopefully lockup before it is destroyed.

Most CPUs under idle conditions should not be running above 50C (122F). A good temperature to aim for is 40C (104F). And as always when overclocking, the cooler the better. A cooler running CPU will last much longer, and lessens the chance of crashing the system.

A CPU is made up of transistors, when a transistor gets hot, it tends to leak current. Too much leakage can result in calculation errors, too many errors will cause a crash. More speed equals more heat. More heat equals more crashes. Better cooling means less chances of errors, less crashes and more speed .

Your motherboard temperature should be fairly close to room temperature, within 5C (9F) degrees or so. If the motherboard temperature is higher than that, try adding more case cooling.

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