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Thermal grease, compound or paste is a substance that promotes the conduction of heat between two surfaces by filling in small imperfections in the materials that would otherwise create an air gap. It is not nearly as effective as touching metal to metal, but is a better heat conductor than air. You only need to use a very thin film to fill in the small gaps.

To apply thermal paste clean the CPU and HSF with alcohol (Isopropyl,the main ingredient in rubbing alcohol) and let dry. Put a very small amount of compound on the CPU die and spread it so there is a very thin and even film on the CPU. Do not put it anywhere that the CPU does not touch the HSF directly. You can use your finger, but it's better to use something that will not contaminate the compound with oils from the skin of your finger tips. A credit card or razor blade is a better.

Also look under the "Recommended Links" for the "How to Apply Arctic Silver" link.

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