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If you know how to use a screwdriver and a soldering iron then you will have no problem doing this little modification.

First unplug your computer from its power source, open the case and remove the floppy drive.

Next plug your soldering iron in and let it heat up while you un-screw the 4 cover retaining screws.

The drive plate is attached by a small ribbon cable so don't try to pull it away completely or you will ruin the drive! Slowly fold it over on itself. Now carefully note which way the existing LED is positioned so you can get the correct polarity for the new LED's anode and cathode. Snip off the old LED just where it straightens out after the kink in the legs.

Applying a very small amount of solder to the legs, trim the new blue LED to the same length as the old one and solder to the cut-off legs that are sticking from the circuit board. It doesn't matter if it's slightly longer or shorter as long as it fits behind the front plate of the floppy drive where the original LED was situated.

Gently put the drive plate back over to its original position and then screw the 4 retaining screws back in and you're done! Now once you reinstall your floppy drive and you have activity you will see blue LED action instead of the old standard green.

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