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You can find WCPUID here.

WCPUID is a program that displays detailed information about your CPU. it shows Frequency, Multiplier, Chipset Info, Cache information, System info and a lot more. it also includes several tweaks (if available for your chip) like disabling the Intel processor serial Number, Cache latency, AMD Athlon Level 2 cache speed settings and others. In addition, WCPUID includes a real-time CPU speed clocking gauge. It shows:

Processor L1 T-Cache
Platform L1 D-Cache
Vendor String L2 Cache
CPU Type L2 Speed
Family MMX Support
Model MMX+ Support
Stepping ID SSE Support
Name String SSE2 Support
Brand 3DNow! Support
APIC 3DNow!+ Support
Internal Clock Chipset
System Bus VGA
System Clock Memory

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last modified: 2004-02-07 14:18:31