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You will need standard screwdrivers to take apart your computer. Make sure that they have the correct size so you wont damage the screws. It's recommended that you get an anti-static wristband. This should be used every time open your computer to change the components inside. It's also a good idea to take apart your computer in a room with as little dust as possible.

For the painting you will need some plastic-primer and one or two cans of the color of your choice. You will also need Acetone to clean of the surface before you begin painting. I also recommend to get a mask for protection and do this in a garage or well ventilated room. Also check the spray paint cans instructions for the correct temperature you should paint at. Some spray paints don't work well below 60 degrees.

How To Do It

First you need to take your computer apart. Start by removing everything that is inside the computer case. Computer parts can be damaged by the "over spray" from spray painting your case. So remove everything from the case.

Clean off the places where you need to paint with the Acetone. Again, this is toxic and you should do this outdoors.

When the plastic is dry you can spray with the plastic-primer. You'll have to do this several times with approximately 30 minutes in between coats. When you are done with the prime coats let it stand overnight, about 12 hours.

When this is done you can start painting with the color you have chosen . Spray a light coat of paint over the entire case from all possible angles. Do this several time, it's important that you don't rush this part since it's essential for the final result. Paint with intervals of 1 hour. When finished let it dry for at least 24 hours in a dry preferably warm room. The longer ( 2-3 days ) you can let the case dry the better.

Assemble your computer again and enjoy the result. No more beige computer!
If you decide to paint other computer parts remember this. Take out all the electronics. They may get damaged from the spray paint. Also remember that some vendors will not uphold their guarantee when the product has been taken apart.

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