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As said by Ook!

Using ICQ2000(b) I had to open up some port for transfers/chats like mentioned in the 2 prior links.
I installed ICQ2001 last week and (ofcourse) I used the same connect and transfer ports as I did with 2000b. 2001 went online OK, but file transfers, chats and the (new) ICQ shared file system didn't work at all ("Can't establish a direct connection").

After some playing around with the available ports I noticed that when I set everything to default on the "User" tab (Connections settings) it all works great!
I stopped forwarding any ports on my router for ICQ and checked again, and, strangely, everything worked ok.
I think ICQ has found some nice way to work without any firewall settings at all; I've only changed 1 setting on the Server tab ("Not using firewall" to "Using firewall, not using proxy") and it just works great behind a router.. even the ICQ shared folder works like it's supposed to.

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