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Windows client DynSite or Newer Version of DynSite has been upgraded to include support for DSLreports monitoring from the start. Or, if you have an older version, simply download dslr.zip and extract the contents (one file) into your DynSite program directory, restart DynSite.

When it is running, use the account assistant (right mouse button from the dynsite icon in your windows system tray) to find "dslreports monitoring" (Dynamic DNS server-type).

Select dslreports monitoring and continue, as with any client we support, you must put in your dslreports site login and password (check the "this account needs a password" option). Then move on to "configure a host", enter your dynamic monitor line account number as the "Host" (leave domain name as dslreports.com), and provide any screen name and account name you wish (these are for DynSite display only).

If you have done everything correctly, have configured DynSite elsewhere to say you are on a fulltime connection, and are online, DynSite will quickly update your line monitor with your public IP, and show "Successfully updated" against entry NNNN.dslreports.com in its main status window.

The status tab of DynSite may say The host does not resolve yet, this message can be ignored, as it relates to dynamic DNS services.

You should also be able to verify this IP is now listed in the Maintain Monitors link above.

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