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Thanks to "nekote" for this information...

Using Rev R1.93e (7004BR)

Login to your SMC 7004BR - IP for me[?]

Select "Virtual Server"

Set "Service Ports" to 21 and "ServerIP" set to 192.168.123.xxx and "Enable".

You probably want to establish a particular system as the FTP host to be a fixed (xxx) IP.

So, go to the main menu choice of "DHCP Server" and select "Fixed Mapping". Enable "MAC Address Control". Set the "MAC Address" to the 6 hexadecimal digit pairs of the NIC and "IP Address" to xxx. That will make the 7004BR always reserve / assign xxx to the specified NIC, thus insuring a valid FTP mapping.

Not complete, but it is how I made it work on my system.

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