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PC600, PC700, and PC800 are three different speeds of memory available for RDRAM (Rambus dynamic random access memory) modules. Of the three, PC800 modules are the fastest, and PC600 modules are the slowest.

Which type is right for you?
As a general rule, it is best to match the type of memory that is currently in your system. However, it is possible to mix and match RDRAM speeds under certain conditions.

You CANNOT add slower modules to a system designed for faster modules. For example, you cannot add PC600 modules to a system designed for PC800.

You CAN add faster modules to a slower system, but there is no real benefit to doing so. For example, you can add PC800 modules to a system that was designed for PC600 modules, but your memory will not get any faster as a result. If you want your system to be faster, you should add more megabytes of memory.

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