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You can generally get your DHCP server's IP by running winipcfg in Windows 9x. However, you may want or need to have Tiny find it for you. Here's a trick that can be adapted to find anything if you know which port to expect it on. Make a rule to "allow any UDP in or out" on local port 68, from any remote host, remote port 67. Now, have it log and alert. When your DHCP "lease" comes up for renewal, it will alert you and log the remote address. This is the address you will need for your first DHCP rule; you can now go to the rule you made and change "remote host" to the IP you obtained in the log of the rule match. If you're in a hurry, it's usually possible to "force" a DHCP connection by logging off on a PPPoE connection and logging back on a short while later, or you can try power cycling your modem and resynchronizing your connection.


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