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After a lot of replies to the following Poll, The winner was .Net MSN/Microsoft Windows Messenger, but by a very close win over AOL Instant Messenger.

MSN/Windows Messenger is Microsoft's Instant Messaging Program. Its newest version features include:
    •Integration with .NET, and providing alerts•Voice and/or Video conversations•Make worldwide phone calls with its built-in internet phone call software•Ability to use voice recognition software to talk instead of type•Proxy Server support•Join an IM on-the-fly (For example, you're IMing with one person, and you want someone else to come in on the conversation. With MSN Messenger, you can simply invite the person into the same IM window, and continue from there)•Watch for new email (through Hotmail, MSN and Passport integration)•Invite friends to play a game (Using MSN Messenger and a DirectPlay-compatible game)
Windows Messenger (built into Windows XP) allows for extra options, like:
    •Seamless integration of video into instant messages (requires a PC camera of some kind)•Use remote assistance so that a friend can help through some issues you may have•Work with a friend on the same program•Brainstorm with someone using Whiteboard•Quicker access to the available features.

Out of the universal IM programs, Trillian was the clear-cut winner, taking the majority of the votes for universal IM programs. Trillian's features include compatibility with AIM, MSN, IRC, ICQ, And Yahoo! messenger accounts. More details may be found by clicking here.

For all IM Programs listed in the poll, click the following links:

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