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Read everything you can get your hands on and then check out the following links and read them in their entirety:

I want to start a wireless ISP (dslr thread) -this is the forum thread that I started when I got the bright idea to be a WISP

The WISP Directory

StartAWisp.com - name speaks for itself. An organized collection of various topics/posts related to many aspects of starting a WISP.

WISP FAQs - "This site is a collection of questions and answers that have been compiled and submitted by WISP's from around the world."

This is what I would call a great starting place to learn the basics as these are all the articles that I read that started me down the road to be a WISP!!!!

Note: Some of the above info is old or non-existent now. A good thread with relatively recent information can be found here, and is a good starting point:
»[Equipment] Starting a WISP

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