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Tier One Tech Support - 1-888-262-6300

Tier Two Tech Support - Anyone have the current number?

Sales - 1-888-824-8159

If you have a Linksys Router you can get The Best Support...
Linksys Technical Support 1-800-326-7114

(Courtesy of Agent ATT)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Why do you give comcast ph. No. Instead of att support or out dated numbers. ? I purchased a travel -white internet box & haven't used in 56 mo. It's telling me to get messages on unite ( name of att internet box) but I need the number to get messages to unite box. I don't have box w info with me, I'm out of state w no internet. ? This is why I bought the unite box? Can you help by calling my att iPhone to help me? At 856-217-8767? ASAP?

    2014-08-13 23:39:57

  • ATT Tech Support in "USA" Direct number is 866-788-6829. Straight to an agent "NO" prompts!!! 24/7 -- I HAVE TESTED THIS NUMBER AND YES IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spoke to an agent and they told me that they help cust only in: CA, NV, OK TX, IL, IN, OH, MI, WI, CT, AR, KS and MO states only. So if your in that state, this is a perfect number. Pls also update this site as the number above is not correct. thank you

    2012-04-13 21:05:35

  • ATT Tech Support in USA Direct number is 866-788-6829. Straight to an agent "NO" prompts!!!

    2012-04-04 19:24:03

  • Direct working number to tier 2 dsl tech support business or residential is: 888-722-9337, when you hear something dial 421 then again when you hear something dial 1418 and it should ring to the next tier 2 agent this comes from a recent employee yw

    2011-05-17 01:29:34

  • gee i hate at&t

    2011-01-24 11:59:49

  • Tier One Tech Support - 1-888-262-6300 This number is a Comcast number.

    2010-09-06 00:27:28


    2010-07-14 14:55:07

  • that's comcast

    2010-07-12 19:18:43

  • That's the comcast tech # not att

    2010-05-21 20:32:53

  • Line maintenance department #888-720-1275 option 2 then option 2 again

    2010-04-13 15:56:55

  • The Tier One Tech Support number in the AT&T Broadband FAQ for Tech Support phone numbers (#2677) is answered by Comcast, not AT&T

    2008-10-03 12:34:45

  • 877 722 3755

    2008-08-19 19:41:41 (wirefu See Profile)

  • DSL Tech Support # is 1-888-321-2375

    2008-08-04 16:46:32 (dredwynd See Profile)

  • for the Tier Two Tech Support At&t's HSI number the midwest one is 1-888-312-2450 (i dunno if it's mid-west only or chicago area only for that matter

    2008-07-15 18:42:31 (dadead See Profile)

  • The phone number provided in General Question 2677 is not correct for AT&T. It reaches Comcast.

    2008-04-13 12:42:09

  • Both of these numbers connect to Comcast's tech support, not AT&T

    2008-01-17 16:03:13

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