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Setting a LAN PC to a non-changing IP address is the practical way to insure it will never change. Many consider this a good idea if you are using Port Forwarding or DMZ.

Here's the info you need. This info assumes the LinkSys is at default settings:

1.) Select a unique IP for the PC of 192.168.1.# where # is in the range 2-99 or 150-254 (this avoids any conflict with the default DHCP address range of 100-149). Example:

2.) Obtain 1 or more (typically 2) DNS server addresses you can use. Your ISP usually defines these or find them at the Status tab in the LinkSys setup.

Note: Some successfully use a DNS server of, the LinkSys LAN address. The LinkSys has an undocumented DNS-proxy built in so use this at your own risk.

3.) Operating systems vary. Most Windows PCs can use Control Panel to get to network settings (example: "Network and Dialup Connections" then "Local Area Connection" then "Properties"). Navigate to the settings for "TCP/IP" (example: "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)").

4.) Change from "Obtain an IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address". Enter these values (all are important and exact wording may vary):

* IP address: 192.168.1.# (from step 1.)
* Subnet Mask:
* Default Gateway:
* DNS servers: (from step 2.)

5.) Be sure and click "OK" as needed. You may be asked to reboot.

Most of you are done at this point but one more note worth mentioning. A "DNS-suffix" is used in network design by some ISPs (@Home in particular). This is the suffix used to append simple addresses like "mail" and "news" so you obtain the correct server for your area. This DNS-suffix must be manually entered on the PC to continue to function.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thank you very much you generous tech people.it is neat & right to the point! To the users of this knowledgeable site: please note that your pc resemble a human in many aspects so at the same time it might be infected with more than one disease.pls don't blame these generous people!?

    2013-04-30 14:56:55

  • I followed this tutorial exactly and now the computer will not load webpages. It shows its connected to the Internet.

    2013-02-25 00:30:29

  • Thanks alot! I have also had enormous problems getting my head around this problem. The releasing factor being the DNS server adresses!! HALLELUJA!

    2013-01-14 12:17:32

  • thanks a lot....

    2012-10-01 02:13:38

  • Note to the anonymous poster who left questions here this morning, your question has been transferred to a forum post. Please follow this link ---> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r26895974-Please-help-me-set-up-static-IP-from-an-anonymous-poster

    Linksys Forum Moderator

    2012-02-15 10:01:44 (sortofageek See Profile)

  • There is another feature in the router that enables you to define a static ip for a certain mac address. This will reassign the same ipaddress you have assigned to the mac address. The rest will be configured through DHCP, so when the DNS servers change, this is automaticaaly updated through DHCP rather then manually reconfiguring you pc's ipadress.

    2011-07-01 08:30:46

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what i was looking for

    2010-09-12 14:09:33

  • This tut was so awesome! For years I've been trying to figure this out. Searching the web looking for tuts and they all were so complicated I could never follow the direction before getting lost in them. These directions were so simple to follow. By the end I was very happy and said to myself "that's all I needed to do this whole time". Thanks guy, it fixed the conflicting IP problem that's plagued me for so long and I also learned something new! A+

    2009-04-09 06:45:27

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