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The Personal Web Pages Server believes that the exe file is a program and attempts to run it. The HTTP 500 Error occurs because the file is not marked as "executable" on the server. The solution is to either rename the file's extension to something else before uploading it, or first use a file compression utility to store and rename the original exe file before uploading it. Then modify the link on your web page so it will point to the renamed file.

Most ISPs who offer Personal Web Page services do not permit custom programs to be run on their Web Servers, so this error is common for program files uploaded by a subscriber. Other file extensions that can cause the same error are cgi, bat, pl, and sh, each one of which represents a programming language such as PERL or UNIX Shell Scripting. These extensions are all usually mapped to type CGI (Common Gateway Interface) on a server, which lets a Web server execute programs and incorporate their output into the text sent to a Web browser.

An exception to the "no-download" rule can occur, however, when a particular extension is not mapped to CGI on the Server. In that case, a file using that extension is not considered by the Server to be a program, so can be downloaded using a link on a web page. An example of this is actually a file with the exe extension, which can be downloaded from a personal website on pages.sbcglobal.net, but not from a personal website on home.swbell.net.

My thanks to marti, sadowski, Zhen-Xjell, flagger, Ian_Brooks, and happiwerld3, all of whom helped with the thread started on this subject by sanoyes.


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