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The maximum output power allowed for wireless Ethernet in the U.S. (802.11, 802.11b, etc.) by the FCC at 2.4Ghz is 36dBm or 4Watts.

From FCC Basics of Unlicensed Transmitters October 2007 (PDF File)

WLAN WISP interpretations

    • Fixed Remote station can operate as a point to point system even if the base station operates as a point to multipoint system.
    • Equivalent Antenna changes allowed without additional filings. See Section 15.204 antenna change polices.
    • Adding additional amplifiers only allowed for 15.247 and 15.407 devices. Amplifier must be Certified with the transmitter per Section 15.204(d)1.
    • All Sectorized systems are point to multipoint subject to 4 Watt EIRP limit except those systems that qualify as a Smart Antenna System (SAS). See SAS guidelines.
    • For SAS system only, Prohibited Broadcasting does not include occasional broadcast management signals or
    non-permanent multi-casting. See SAS guidelines.

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