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  • what not to do on a WISP install
OK, Things NOT to do on an install:
All right, Here we go, after today's events here is a list of the top 10 things not to do when at the customer's location (#1 happened today!!!)
10. Forget to close the door and let the family pet get away!(then chase it for the rest of the day)

9. Unplug a large freezer full of frozen fish to plug in your extension cord for your drill. Forget to plug it back in and leave. Phone call WILL follow about 3 weeks later-YEEECH!!!!

8. Leave full tube of silicone on the deck with it loaded into gun and open. Lose your mind when you are on the roof and the resident 3 yr old squeezes the entire contents of the tube onto the sidewalk. For an added bonus, don't see it until you step in it!!

7. Step in a LARGE pile of dog $#!t and then walk through their living room and down the hall! (carpet is white OF COURSE!)
6. Leave a large roll of mastic laying on the ground. Listen to screams of terror as Sissy strips the hair off of her 2 yr. old brother's arm with it (heard from the roof of course)

5. Measure your cable 4 times just to be sure and cut it off,hook up antenna and feed the cable down only to find it is still a foot short.
4. Put Your handy dandy Burnz-o-matic pocket soldering iron down on the table thinking it was not lit anymore-come back in 5 minutes and find it and a large pile of white plastic on the deck.

3. Lay a large screwdriver on the roof thinking it wont go anywhere. Screwdriver rolls off the roof and you say, "I'll get it later". Climb down off the roof and find the screwdriver sticking in the dash of the convertible in the driveway.

2. Put down the extended 15 ft mast on the roof for 2 seconds to adjust the brackets on the chimney, watch it slide off and impale the above ground pool. Enough said - you figure out what happens next!!

1. And the #1 thing is something that I did today (Yes, I am an idiot but at least you may laugh at it and it will brighten your day!) Make damn sure that the steam line for the hot water heat is NOT directly behind the wall that you are drilling a half inch hole through - it makes a Hell of a mess.


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