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You can use a program called DocsDiag to extract information from the modem. You'll need to temporarily change your computer's or router's IP address when running the program, but you won't have to change any wiring. If your computer is connected directly to the modem, you can use the following instructions if you're running Windows 98/98SE; if you're running another OS, you should determine how to change your PC's IP address before proceeding. (If you have a router, it doesn't matter what OS you're using.)

1. Visit the DocsDiag home page and download the docsdiag.zip file. Unzip the downloaded file to extract docsdiag.jar.

2. Change your IP address to and subnet mask to You can use one of the following methods if it applies to your system (note your current settings before you change them):
    •If your PC is connected directly to the modem and you use Windows 98/98SE, click Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click Network. On the Configuration tab, click TCP/IP for your Ethernet adapter, then click Properties. On the IP Address tab, select Specify an IP Address, enter an IP address of and a subnet mask of Click OK and OK. Reboot if prompted.•If you have a Linksys router, go to the router's setup page and select specify an IP address, enter an IP address of, a subnet mask of, and a gateway of•If you have a Netgear router, go to menu 4, change IP Address Assignment to Static, IP Address to, IP Subnet Mask to, and Gateway IP Address to

3. In the MS-DOS window, enter the following command:
For machines with Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine
  jview /cp docsdiag.jar docsdiag

For machines with Sun's Java Runtime Environment
  java -cp docsdiag.jar docsdiag

This should produce output with your signal levels and firmware version. Go here to see what your signal values should be.

4. Put your IP address back to dynamically assigned by restoring the original settings you changed in step 3:
    •For a direct connection to the modem, go back to the TCP/IP Properties dialog box and select Obtain an IP address automatically. Reboot if prompted.•For a Linksys router, go back to the router's setup page and select Obtain an IP address automatically.•For a Netgear router, go back to menu 4 and change IP Address Assignment to Dynamic.

In addition, the following works for Toshiba modems:
To access the built in diagnostics, set your ip statically to, set your subnet mask to and set your gateway to Enter into your browser you'll see the diagnostics page.

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