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UD Anthrax Project

The Anthrax Program has finished. The information below is out-dated, but left here for informational value. (kc)

UD have now started another project, to fight against the threat of Anthrax.
If you do not wish to participate in this new project, and to run only the Cancer project, you can update your profile at »members.ud.com/services/home.htm and click "My Device Manager" and then "Profiles".
Note - this is a new Primary Project having the same priority on your computer as the Cancer project, unlike the web performance testing which is a secondary project.
This also explains why we have the new .NET graphic on the Application windows of the UD agent as this new project is being sponsored by Microsoft.
The Anthrax Research Project will take advantage of and build upon the success of the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project. Like that project, the Anthrax Research Project relies on volunteered computers to screen billions of drug-like molecules. The individual "virtual" molecules are screened for binding capacity on a protein known to have a role in anthrax's toxicity to humans.
Also like the cancer research, this is a public good project United Devices will not sell, retain rights to, or profit from the project results. Whatever results are uncovered will be made available to the United States government and other friendly governments, who can use them to further develop a drug therapy in a lab. The goal is to develop a drug that can be used in the advanced stages of the disease currently anthrax can only be treated with antibiotics in its earliest stages.
Once completed, United Devices will return its focus to the cancer project. As per United Devices Member Policy, Members who want to commit their computing cycles exclusively to cancer research can do so.

More Information from United Devices:
THE ANTHRAX PROJECT: How It Affects the Cancer Project
Since the Anthrax project runs on the same THINK software, and is based on the same virtual screening principals as the Cancer Research Project, details on that project can be reviewed for more specific answers and information about the anthrax screening.
Please note that United Devices remains committed to the Cancer Research Project. Our partners in Cancer Research Oxford, NFCR and Intel were all included in our decision to take on this task, and are all deeply supportive and instrumental in offering this new project to UD Members. These partners and United Devices would like to encourage our Members to tackle this new research.

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