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To post a screen shot, like those you see in the forum showing the Agent with hits, etc.
First, re-size the window on your screen - the one which you'd like to take the screen shot of. This is to prevent "page stretch". Drag the corners of the screen to a smaller size. Posting a large graphic causes everybody's screens to distort, making it difficult to read other messages on the page.

Next, make sure the window you want is the active window.

  • Press ALT + Print Screen/SysRq (this will copy it to the "clipboard")
  • Open MS Paint or your favorite graphics program
  • File -> New
  • Edit -> Paste
  • File -> Save as JPEG or GIF
    Note: Before saving, this is a good time to alter the image to include only the portion you need to post. It's usually not necessary to include the entire screen shot.

A good freeware graphics program that can be used is Irfanview.

Finally, to post it, click "reply to this" as you normally would when posting ... click on "Got Attachments?" and attach your file. You'll want to do this before you add any text; otherwise text will be lost when you attach your file.

To upload a graphic that is not a screen shot, the procedure is the same. Simply click on "Got Attachments?", then locate the file on your computer, then enter your text.

If the file is too large, it will time out before loading, or be converted to a "zip" file. There is a 30 second limit on uploads. BMP files will almost always be too large .... use your graphics program to convert these to .gif or .jpg files first.

It is recommended that before you add a large (>100Kb) GIF or JPG attachment to a post that you optimize (compress) it with your favorite graphics editor. This will aid in faster uploading and viewing performance. For example, in Paint Shop Pro, when saving the file, there is an options button to compress the graphic.

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last modified: 2004-01-29 21:57:26