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Since February 2002, all new user accounts at BroadBandReports.com are created as either basic or premium.

Premium Accounts
(New Accounts)
Created by buying 10 or more tool points ($10) at the time of the account creation. The 10 tool points used will be credited to the user's account. (There is a 24 hour window after joining to do this.)

(Upgrading Existing Accounts)
Accounts created prior to February 2002 gained the premium account features over time. They are not true premium accounts, however. Members prior to February 2002 can also upgrade their accounts to premium in order to support the site, but the 10 tool points WILL NOT BE credited to the user's account.

How do I upgrade?

Once you are logged in you may go to "Members" selection on the left hand menu option on the home page.
Click on "Upgrade"

If you have not purchased ten tool points for upgrade, then you must do this before you will be able to upgrade your membership. You may access our secure storefront from this page to purchase tool points and then return to this page to upgrade.

If you have already purchased ten tool points or more, you may proceed to the bottom of the page. Click on the link that says "upgrade your account now." You can upgrade your membership from here. Your tool point account will be debited 10 tool points.

Please Note: It takes a while, sometimes overnight, for the "Premium" tag to show up under your name in your posts.

Premium Accounts
... will never lose existing site facilities or features.

These are the finer points of Premium membership:
    •No banner advertising
    •Upload posting avatar -- animated, too
    •Maintain a library of avatars for your use
    •Use tool points to queue jump site tools
    •Priority security port scan
    •No limit on user-to-user instant message length
    •Access to social forums
    •Unlimited posting
    •Premium accounts will not lose site features
    •Other extra forum features
    •Show your support for DSLR

Basic Accounts
... created on or after February 2002 have significantly less functionality than premium accounts on the site -- users of basic accounts will hit limits more frequently.
Upgrading from basic or original account to premium account will eventually be priced higher than a premium account upon activation.

Note: It is NOT permissible for users to create a second account on the site. Doing so jeopardizes your membership here and any accumulated tool points, etc.

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