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You can join Team Helix by running these projects:

  • Folding@Home for Team 4
  • Rosetta@Home for Team 21

»Team Helix FAQ »Want to install Folding@Home? Look here first!
To join Team Helix Folding@Home:

To join Team Helix Rosetta@Home:

  • You need to download, install and run BOINC

  • For "step by step instructions" on setting up BOINC for Rosetta@Home click here.

Next, you need a Helix spinner to identify you as a member.

How Do I Get My Helix Spinner?

And then, please add yourself to our member lists here. Please follow each link to see how to be added to our Who's Who, Birthday, Name Day and Anniversary Lists.

»Team Helix Members »How do I get listed in Team Helix Who's Who?



»Team Helix Members »Where do I tell you my Team Helix anniversary date?

We would like to hear from you, welcome you to the team, and answer any questions you may have: »[FAH] New to Team Helix?

Last but by no means least, Welcome to Team Helix! We are proud to have you as a member of this fine team, community and family.

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