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Version 10.3

  • On the McAfee SecurityCenter pane, click Internet & Network, then click Configure.

  • On the Internet & Network Configuration pane, under Firewall protection is enabled, click Advanced.

  • On the Security Level pane, under Security Settings, select Allow ICMP ping requests to allow detection of your computer on the network using ping requests.

If the firewall is set to Stealth security level, and you try to ping the computer from another computer in your network, the ping will fail. Both IPv4 and IPv6 block ICMP traffic when the firewall is set to Stealth mode, even if Allow ICMP Pings is enabled. ICMP requests are ignored as a way of protecting your computer on the network by keeping it hidden.

To allow a computer to respond to ICMP pings you must lower the security settings. Raise the security level once testing is complete.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • go to your system try (lower right corner of screen) Right click mcafee go to change settings select firewall Select smart advice and Adv. settings select allow ICMP ping Click Apply

    2012-07-10 07:13:20

  • McAfee Firewall current version is 11.5.131 (11.5 build 131) This is current as of 6/7/2010. I am also having a hard time configuring for ping.

    2010-06-14 15:54:05 (zbuckone See Profile)

  • If you configure your McAfee firewall to allow ICMP pings and you're still not pingable, make sure your router is pingable as well. I had to reconfigure both McAfee (9.15) and my router to become pingable. Worked just fine.

    2009-09-30 21:40:34 (jakeydsl See Profile)

  • You're suppose to click Configure first and then Internet & Network will show up. The rest of the steps are in order. Although i checked Allow ICMP ping requests and and turned my security level down, I am still not pingable according to dslreports.com

    2009-08-28 02:27:38 (spacecake12 See Profile)

  • McAfee Firewall is now version 10.3. Any possibility someone knows the secret? I have gone through all the applicable settings in McAfee Security Center to include checking the "Allow other computers to ping" to no avail. A little help here.

    2009-05-07 21:05:20 (RWBizSvcs See Profile)

  • Actually, the newest version is 9.1 now - 4/18/2008 - and this does not work with the 9.1 version either.

    2008-04-18 13:51:13 (RWBizSvcs See Profile)

  • Just so you know the latest version of McAfee is 8.2 not 3.02 and this guide doesn't work for that

    2007-10-31 14:38:54

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