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+ Attempting to send results
- Connecting to server (171.64.122.xxx)
- Error: Could not transmit unit xx. Keeping unit in queue.

The client will attempt to transmit a complete WU twice before it moves on and downloads a new work unit for processing. The results will be kept in the work folder until the next time it has to transmit another WU. Once the client completes the WU, it will attempt to send all queued work again! You can force a retry, by stopping and re-starting the client! The client will retry sending the queued work units every six hours. There is more info in this thread.

Possible problems:

    •Your Internet connection is down.

    •Network congestion on the Internet or at Stanford.

    •A network component is down on the Internet.

    •One or more Folding servers are down.

Troubleshooting Tips from the community folding forum as of October 21, 2008:

If it's an upload problem and the server appears to be functioning normally, (for windows only:) be sure that Use_IE_Settings is set to NO.

If it's an upload problem and the server appears to be in trouble, the client is designed to deal with this issue. After the first couple of upload attempts, it should try both the Work Server for that project and a Collection Server. If both fail, the client will keep the result in the local queue and will re-attempt the upload periodically without need for you to intervene. If you're running a firewall that is designed to block spyware, be sure that the FAH client can contact the internet (or disable the outgoing firewall briefly to confirm if that's the problem). If the upload attempts have continued to fail for some time, please add the -verbosity 9 flag to your client and post the section of FAHlog.txt that shows the errors.

If you get a message "Server does not have record of this unit" don't worry about it. Each WU has to be uploaded to a primary Work Server. If that server is busy or down, the client will attempt to upload to a Collection Server. Normally the Collection Server has a list of all or almost all of the WUs that it can accept. If that list was incomplete at the time the Work Server went down, the remaining WUs will need to wait for the Work Server to be on-line again. Normally that is only a very small percentage of the outstanding WUs.

NOTE: Virtually all upload problems involve two servers. The first one is your primary Work Server for that project and is where the WU will eventually reside. The second one is called a Collection Server (CS). It is a backup server designed to accept uploads when the primary Work Server is overloaded or down. If serverstat indicates that your Collection Server is operating but heavily loaded, that means one or more of the Work Servers are not accepting their share of uploads. The CS can get overloaded quite easily and nothing can really be done about that. Of course, if it's not operating properly, it should be reported, but main focus of any error report should be on getting the primary Work Server repaired and able to accept the uploads so nobody has to revert to the CS.

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