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+ Attempting to get work packet
- Connecting to assignment server
- Error: Getwork failed, and no other work to do
Sleeping for about x minutes then retrying

Possible problems:

    •Your Internet connection is down.

    •Network congestion on the Internet or at Stanford.

    •A network component is down on the Internet.

    •One or more Folding servers are down.

The client will continue to retry until that particular server has been re-started or the assignment server switches you to another available work server after about 20 minutes.

You can, in the meantime, try stopping and re-starting the client several times, maybe more!

There is a trick, from the FAH olden days, that still works for FAH (most of the time) if you have a dynamic WAN IP address:

    •Shutdown the client.

    •Force an WAN IP address change.

    •Re-start the client. Again, it may require several shutdowns and re-starts.

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