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is the ability to transport a work unit from an Internet connected computer to a stand-alone computer for processing and back again to be transmitted!

To do this type of operation you need to:

    •Have the console client setup (would not recommend using the graphical (GUI) client) on the Internet connected computer to receive the work unit.

    •Shutdown the client once it has started processing a WU.

    •Zip the "entire" FAH folder, on to a removable media (e.g. floppy).

    •Un-zip it on the stand-alone machine and start it up for processing.

    •Once the WU is complete, just reverse the process to transmit the completed WU and to receive a new one. Make sure it is put in it's original folder, just in case you have multiple clients!!

    •Once the client is on both machines, there is no need to copy the "FAH2console.exe" and "Core_65.exe" back and forth each time! The critical files are the "queue.dat", "client.cfg", and the entire contents of the "work" folder.

Note: You will need to change the "asknet=no" in the client.cfg to "asknet=yes"! To be safe, use the -config switch to accomplish it.

Please see the updates in the FAH Wiki before trying this ---> Sneakernetting.

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