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Multiple graphical (GUI) clients can not be run on the same machine, at this time.

It is important to note that your user name and team number will be the same for all instances, the userID will be the same for all clients on one computer (registry entry at time of first client install) but the Machine ID must be unique for each of the clients! First client installed should be configured as Machine ID 1, second should be Machine ID 2 and so on up to eight clients on one computer.

You will also need to create multiple FAH shortcuts (e.g. FAH1 and FAH2) on your desktop. And, it is very important that you use the -local switch in each of the FAH shortcuts!!!

For dual processor systems:

When you configure your clients, make sure each client has a different Machine ID#.
To do this, type yes for Change advanced options, and make sure client one has Machine ID 1.

In client two, go to Machine ID, and change to 2.

If you don't do this, you will most likely only get credit for one Work Unit.

You can set "affinity" for dual processor machines(assigning each wu to a particular processor), but with today's newer technology it is not necessary. If you set affinity, you must do it on both the console.exe and the Core.exe.

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