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There are two methods available.

    •Shutdown the client.

    •Right click on your FAH shortcut and select properties to access the dialog box like the one in the image below.

    •Click in the field highlighted (Target:) and go to the end of the line, skip a space after the last character, and type in -config. Then click the Apply Button and then the OK Button.

    •If you already have the -local switch in there, skip one space past it and type -config, i.e. "C:\Folding@Home\FAH3console-v3xx.exe -local -config".

    •Make sure you remove the -config switch after completing the reconfiguration or you will have to reconfigure each time you start the executable.


    •Stop the client.

    •Go to Start/Run.

    •Click "Browse".

    •Locate the client executable.

    •Add the -config switch at the end of the line as shown in the example image below.

    •Click "OK".

    •Enter your congfiguration information in the client window when it opens.

    See also the FAH Wiki FAQ.

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