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You will never believe this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did an install yesterday and when I was done running the LMR400 in the house(I pull a small gauge wire into the house with it to ground the spark arrestor)and the USB adapter was up and running I went outside and grabbed the large #6 copper coming off the roof and attached it to the grounding rod that I had just pounded in and everything was great.I then reached over and grabbed the smaller wire(#14)and stuck it down to the rod and MY HAIR STOOD STRAIGHT UP and I got ZAPPED!!!!.I wont post my exact words here but it went something like this"WHAT THE!!*%",after I regained my composure I went and got my multimeter and to my suprise there was 110 volts coming thru this wire!!!!(it was already attached to the spark arrestor).We turned the computer off and I STILL had 110v!!!.It only went away after we un-plugged every device hooked to the computer(this guy had like 20 things attached),as it turns out the ground in the house was not right and every item in that room was plugged into a circuit that only had a neutral(white) and a hot(black)coming to the outlet with no ground!!!!.The moral of the story is to be damn careful when doing installs so that You dont get a free perm!!!.If You do not see a grounding rod already being used outside where the service comes in-DO not ground the spark arrestor outside!!!,Use the COLD water pipe and the problem should be solved!,Tim

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