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Before taking your speed test results from Speakeasy.net/DSLR seriously when it shows a really slow result, try determining your speed using FTP.

Find a fast FTP server that can support alot of bandwidth. We'll use OOL's FTP as a fine example. Download this file to your desktop or run it from it's current location.

When it gets to about 20%-40% done, take a note of the KB/s and cancel the download.

Multiply the KB/s you got by 8.192 to determine your speed in kbps.
Example: 92.4KB/s * 8.192 = 756kbps.

If your speed appears still to be slow, then it is time to contact your ISP.

List of FTP Sites:
AOL FTP (44.1 MB)
ICQ FTP (10.0 MB)
OOL FTP (64.0 MB)
RoadRunner FTP (49.3 MB)

Note: Depending on your geographical distance from the FTP server, speeds will vary between closer DSLR/Speakeasy.net tests and your result from this method.

If you have anymore fast FTP servers with big files for testing, then message me through DSLR's instant messaging system with the URL. Must be in the U.S.A.

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last modified: 2002-07-10 22:48:20