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First, try a repair of Windows XP first. Documentation of how to repair Windows XP can be found here.

If that doesn't work, go into the Command Line Recovery Console and run the following commands.

bootcfg /rebuild ---- Rebuilds Boot.ini
This scans all system hard drives for installations of Windows and allows you to add them to the boot.ini file.

If the XP install is the primary partition, you can run the "fixboot" to reinstall the boot loader of the partition.

You can also use the "fixmbr" if the XP partition is the primary booting partition.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • With no Windows XP CD available, you cannot repair windows. When the message lost ntldr appears, you cannot access anything. F2 F8, or F12 or delete have no functionality. You cannot access the Command Line Recovery Console - all you get is the same error message for missing ntldr and to "control alt delete" on every boot attempt. Your only hope is to find a friend with a PC you can slave your HD to and copy the boot config items that are missing or corrupt to your HD.

    2011-04-21 08:21:49

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