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UDStatsServer is a program written by Asciimonster that will allow you to monitor the status of the Agent on the machines in your network, from one computer. This saves you from having to go to each machine and bring up the Agent window to see its progress.

Download Link

It installs and sets up easily. There are three files in the .zip - one for the "server", one for the "client", and a readme.

Simply install the "server" on the machine you wish to monitor from, and the "client" on the others. This works on a simple peer-to-peer network. You put the address of your "server" (ie: 192.168.1.XXX) into the program on each client, and hit "connect".

Then the server program will show you every time each client saves the WU, the last interval, average interval, and number of saves.

If you install the "client" program on the same machine as your "server", you need to identify your machine as "localhost" when setting up the client.

Screen shots and additional info is available in this thread.

submitted 02/11/02

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