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  • What are the qualifications for the good-bad-ugly
National or Regional. National ISP status is decided by us. We consider a 'National ISP' to have one or more of the following attributes: 1. reviews from customers from several states not concentrated in one region. 2. POPs located in several states (not just concentrated regionally). 3. Multiple sales/support or administration offices. 4. CLEC status in multiple states. 5. Generally accepted by the dslr community as a 'name' national ISP. 6. National advertising campaigns.
A Telco is placed in the "National ISP" category even though they are clearly regional, by virtue of their size.

Appearing in the charts. An ISP must receive 10 or more recent reviews to appear. For Regional table, an ISP must receive 5 or more recent reviews. Note: very short reviews from hit and run visitors may be deleted without warning.

Recent Reviews. Recent reviews are those with an age less than 120 days.

Weighting of scores. Scores are composite of all reviews received to date, with a much higher weighting given to recent reviews than older reviews. Additional factors such as the how frequent a site user the reviewer is, whether they emailed the review to us or registered at the site, are also taken into account when weighting scores.

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