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Depending on what your needs is, you may order the following modems:

- Westell WireSpeed Ethernet Modem w/ kit
- ActionTec Electronics USB Modem

Get the Westell WireSpeed Ethernet Modem w/ kit if:
- You are an user experienced with installing hardware
- You don't want to hog your system resources
- Want a modem that is hassle-free
- You own Windows 95 and USB modems aren't supported
- Generally, you wan't a little more speed

Get the ActionTec Electronics USB Modem if:
- You want trouble free, hands away from opening the computer
- An inexperienced user who does not know how to install hardware
- You want a plug and play installation
- You are worried you need someone to install a DSL modem for you

AOL no longer supplies the above modems to new customers. AOL now supplies the new and improved Creative Broadband Blaster Modem (Broadxant). This new and improved modem includes the features of USB and Ethernet. It is similar to the Westell as far as Ethernet goes and ActionTec as far as USB goes.

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