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**This config is specifically for users that will be connecting directly to the DSL service and not using a router.**

Type 'adsl-setup'

It will do some system checks.

The next question will be for your user name. Type UserID@snet.net Hit 'enter'.

Next it will ask for the interface i.e. your NIC that you are using. Most likely 'eth0'. Unix starts with zero when it comes to assigning device numbers. eth0 is default, so just hit enter.

Next it will ask about 'Demand or Continuously'. Default is 'No'. Hit Enter.

Now it will ask you for your DNS's one at a time.
Type '' for #1. Hit Enter.
Type '' for #2. Hit Enter.

Next will be your UserID password.
Type it, hit enter, type it again to confirm, hit enter.

Next will be for firewalling. Press the number zero. Remember when you installed Red Hat, it asked you for high, medium, or low firewall. The firewall in the installation will be good enough. I had some trouble getting numbers 1 and 2 to work correctly in this selection. Maybe just me being a Linux newbie, but zero worked for me.

'Start connection at boot time?' Enter 'yes'.

Now it will show a summary of what you did and will ask you if you want to 'Accept these settings?' Enter 'y' for yes, hit 'Enter'

Next, type 'adsl-start' at the command line.

Now you should be online. Congrats.

The above config is for standalone PCs connecting directly to their DSL service

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