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Individual Post Voting: Also referred to as "thumbs up," this system has been provided to enable you to encourage another user. This is a function that is only available to registered users.

Registered User Anonymous User

When you click on the under a post, you are presented with the screen above. (Unless the user is on your "buddy list," in which case you will see only the "encourage" button.)

Thumbs Up That person receives a "thumbs up" from you.
+ Watch Adds that person to your buddy list.
Ignore Causes that user's posts to be omitted from threads that you view.
Thumbs down Only appears when the under anonymous users' posts is clicked, and it allows voting down of their posts. Also notice that there is an "Ignore" feature for anonymous users as well. However, there is currently no means of "un-ignoring" these users.
(The "Ignore" function is available to premium and grandfathered, original members.)

If you use the "ignore" feature on an anonymous post, you will not be able to see other posts started by anonymous users in any forum!

You will be able to see the thumbs in your posts that are "encouraged." They will be highlighted to you within a thread, and the names of the users who gave them to you will be shown to the left of the post, like this:

If you are the voter, you will be able to see that you have given a vote up for that post. Also, the person who received your vote will see that it came from you. No one else sees the votes.

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