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Ingress is basically the leaking IN of a signal. Ingress is bad, because it can totally trash a signal.

If there are any cuts, strips, bad crimps, or bad shielding on the line, TV channel 5 leaks into our CATV channel 5, and completely distorts the picture and the sound is usually messed up too. This happens a LOT with houses wired with RG59, because of the lack of good shielding. Also, if the conductor is exposed to the air at ANY point, that is an entry point for stray signal.

I apologize for the bad pictures, but these were taken with a digital camera. Whenever I get around to getting my TV Tuner hooked back up, I'll provide some much better shots. But for now:

Channel with ingress:

Same channel without ingress a few secs later:

Ingress, as it pertains to cable modem access

Two-way digital data signals are more susceptible than one-way signals to stresses in the condition of the HFC network. Degradation in video signal quality might not be noticed, but when two-way digital signals share the network with video signals, digital signals might be hampered. More information can be found here. (Thanks to JTRockville for providing this information)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • that is correct. ingress(noise) can cause modem to have reset or timeout. usually a t3 timeout. a t3 timeout is when a modem sends 16 cmts response requests and dont return a message back. usually caused by ingress(noise)... peace... home-computers.org

    2012-01-30 23:16:11

  • Ingress can cause issues for all of the customers on an entire node. I recently had a service call and one of the the neighbors on my tap was feeding ingress into the tap and may have been a contributing factor in my ongoing issue with modem resets. According to one technician I spoke with, one customer causing bad ingress can possibly disrupt an entire node.

    2010-11-16 14:18:16 (IowaCowboy See Profile)

  • Your link on page (3315), Cable modems and wiring issues, is broken. It's the one that links to Cisco (JtRockville). Just thought I would let you know. Later Man!

    2009-11-10 12:51:57

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