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Usually, this is either an input line problem or a drop problem, and even sometimes a tap problem.

Go read "READ THIS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FIX A PROBLEM!" and determine if it's your problem or the cable company's problem. If it's their problem, call them and have them fix it.

If it's YOUR problem, make sure that the input line is connected properly to the first splitter. MAKE SURE YOUR SPLITTER IS NOT HOOKED UP BACKWARDS! I see this more often than you'd think.

Make sure your splitter isn't in bad condition. Replace your splitter(s) if necessary.

If this still does not fix it, have your input line replaced.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Low quality single sheath drop..sometimes compounded by installers/contractors good intentions ...100 addtl ft left coiled in attic for your convienience...ghost image and other probs...

    2009-04-17 00:11:19 (RD1550 See Profile)

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