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This MIGHT be due to the fact that you entered the information wrong on the application. Check this first. But if you repeatedly get a message saying something like "We are sorry, but our server cannot register you right now, we may be experiencing technical difficutlies, try again later" this could be due to a mis-communication between ASI and SWBell. The first thing i would do is call up ASI and have them register you over the phone. This is fairly simple, and they will give you a temporary password. If they encounter trouble with this, such as they can't find that you are registered to recieve dsl, have the person on the phone contact SWbell and check you account information. If your account information was not processed correctly, you will be unable to register, which could lead to some major headaches. If this still does not work, post your problem in the forum area under "swbell" and you may get a response that helps you out.

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