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Yes. You can use any Ameritech dialup number, and your account name and login, for backup service. Note that you should not use dialup and DSL at the same time unless you have an @sbcglobal.net or have migrated your old account into the Yahoo Borg. In that case you are allowed one DSL and one simultaneous dialup connection. If you have a static IP address you may get booted off your DSL connection if you use the same login, however, since your primary login name is assigned the main static IP address, and it cannot be used two places at once so do dialup with a secondary login or don't use the @static prefix.

The new SBC Yahoo!DSL dialup number lookup tool is available here. Most who have tried it have had success using the Yahoo!Dial network with their Ameritech.net login even with a legacy, unmigrated account. It gives you nationwide dialup capability as well as much expanded local dialup access. Note that if you are still an unmigrated Ameritech.net legacy customer you cannot use Yahoo Dial! services to send email.

Just use your normal @ameritech.net or @sbcglobal.net login and password.

The old legacy Ameritech.net access number list is here. However, be sure to check out the number before you use it to make sure it is not long distance for you.

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