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I don't know. That's beyond the scope of this FAQ, and it's probably against your provider's TOS.

If you had access to this file, you could probably remove any bandwidth cap you have and/or do some other not so legal things.

You could probably find more info on this elsewhere on the net (this site does not contain this information, and such questions are usually removed very quickly from the forum).

Note by Mr Xaine See Profile: If you live in the United States, this is extremely illegal. The FCC can fine the provider because of your "tweaking" of the modem. Obviously the provider doesn't like the FCC hugging their tail for your mischef, so their hardware watches for this. Your MAC will be flagged, they'll cut you off, then either ban you from access, or ban and fine, or ban and take you to court. To risky for a quick boost in your connection... If you want to call your provider and see what the fine would be, you simply asking may make them start watching your connection speed closer. But if you never plan on doing this, then go ahead and call to see how the corporation's full wrath will smash you.

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last modified: 2005-05-17 10:08:15