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I would have to update this question every week, so I won't provide a list here.

Let's just say that Motorola Surfboard line seems to be the favorite among a lot of people right now.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I am not too much concerned with brand names. There are two important things to look for. 1. Make sure the modem is Docsis 3.0 capable so that you can take advantage of the higher internet speeds. 2. Use the models that your cable provider uses (the models they use tend to have less stability issues and tend to last a lot longer). Manufacturers who make electronic hardware have different quality builds just as there is different quality in meat (meat from fast food is cheap compared to a fancy restaurant's meat). The cheaper quality builds tend to break faster and are more prone to having problems. Cable providers choose models of equipment that are high quality so that they do not get as many tech calls (it reduces their staff for tech support).

    2014-06-29 01:58:07

  • Bought a shiny, new Motorola Surfboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 modem to replace my TWC issued Sci Atl Webstar. Saw an immediate 20% download speed loss which continued over several days. Switched back to the Webstar and saw an immediate 20% speed increase. Returned the Surfboard modem to Amazon.

    2013-05-06 19:00:18

  • Yes! I love the "UBEE D3.0."

    2012-09-05 18:55:14 (Fox Mulder See Profile)

  • IMO and having used several popular Cable Modems {mentioned here}, like the Sb6120, with my same iMac and in the same house with the same Charter Connections, everything the same, the one I'm using now just Screams--it's so fast and cool and I've had it for 3-4 years, and never have had one problem: I talking about the "UBEE D3.0."

    2012-09-05 18:53:10 (Fox Mulder See Profile)

  • I have been using the Motorola SB6120 for over a year -- with no problems of any kind. The SB6120 runs cool (85-90 F), is very stable, and the actual connection speeds are simply phenomenal !! The SB6120 is a "DOCSIS 3" modem, with new technology that renders ALL of the earlier DOCSIS 2 modems obsolete !! Speed tests at various testing sites show some alarming results, with connection speeds of over 100 Mbps on the download side (occasionally), and 30-to-40 Mbps (down) all day long !! I have a 20/2 package from COX Cable, and the SB6120 EASILY exceeds those speeds -- even when running off the D-Link DIR-655 ExtremeN Gigabit Router's port switch !! In addition, the connection speeds from my wireless rig (D-Link DWA-552 ExtremeN PCI Adapter) have also increased dramatically after installing the SB6120. I had switched over from a Motorola SB5120, which gave good service and great speeds for a few years -- but the new technology of the SB6120 just blew me away -- the connection speeds are awesome, as are the ping test results -- with low jitter, zero packet loss, and the M.O.S. is consistantly above 4.3 !! As for any sort of "wiring issues" -- these can be avoided by using the correct type of cable from the wall plate to your modem. COX Cable specifies "BX3904172 CATV 18 AWG" -- an 18-gauge copper wire that can easily handle any signal level. Those fancy cables with the gold-plated fittings were tested against the COX-recommended type, and the results were conclusive -- the 18-gauge cable gave cleaner and stronger signals than the others, which had a finer-gauge wire inside. Speed/Connectivity tests were further improved by switching over to Category 6 (shielded) Ethernet Cables between the Modem and Router, and between the Router and the Intel Gigabit NIC of the "host" computer. Of course, the very FIRST thing to check out is the 120-volt wall socket -- to see if the wires to the wall socket are connected properly. A "quickie" tester (A.W.Sperry- CA-300A) is available at most hardware stores. No special knowledge is needed -- the tester identifies any faults and indicates the solution. A cave man can do it !!!

    2011-01-23 09:57:05

  • How can I access the configuration manager for the Motorola Surfboard SB5100. you had it available here before, but I cant find it again. Thanks Loreto

    2009-08-12 21:08:41 (Loreto See Profile)

  • thats so correct from my research....sb5120 w/ 2.0 new tech-nology

    2007-12-11 20:44:40 (wanting 2no See Profile)

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