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Some modems provide a diagnostics page which will give you this information. If not, the easiest way to get signal levels is to call tech support and just ask for them.

Modems that provide diag pages:
(Click each modem name to get to it's diag page)
NOTE: You may need to disconnect the cable line from your modem in order to access the modem's diag page! Also, your cable provider can DISABLE this page, so if it doesn't work, try another method.
Ambit Cable Modems
Motorola Surfboard Line

Most other modems
(Thanks to hsdcable for inspiring me to create this list.)

If you end up having to call Tech Support, they should be able to provide you with the following information:

Downstream Power
Downstream SNR
Upstream Power
Upstream SNR

Fortunately, a lot of providers offer a tool for the techs to use and check signal levels while they're at a job.

While I cannot give you a link to this, I can show you what it looks like. Click here to see my modem levels.

There is also a program you can use to get your modem levels. It's not user friendly, so unless you are familiar with working with DOS, it may be confusing to you.

There is a post in another FAQ with some help on using this program at:
http://www.dslreports.com/faq/2815 (Thanks to Bobcat for the link.)

You can find this program here:
»homepage.ntlworld.com/robin.d.h. ··· ocsdiag/
(Thanks to Justin for the link.)

Here is some sample output from running this program on MY cable modem:

DocsDiag v011209 Copyright 2001 Robin Walker rdhw@cam.ac.uk

Toshiba DOCSIS Cable Modem: HW 6.62; SW 1.7.007

Downstream channel ID = 4
Downstream channel frequency = 705000000 Hz
Downstream received signal power = 10.2 dBmV
Upstream channel ID = 2
Upstream channel frequency = 24752000 Hz
QoS max upstream bandwidth = 128000 bps
QoS max downstream bandwidth = 1550000 bps
SigQu: Signal to Noise Ratio = 33.5 dB
Cable modem status = Operational
Upstream transmit signal power = 48.2 dBmV
Date and Time = 2002-02-28,22:16:27.00-04:00
Configuration filename = modemcfg/generic-std.bin

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • For most modems disconnect the cable line and try on the address bar and select status tab and you will see signal levels for the forward and return.

    2012-09-29 12:24:03

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