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Make sure to read my section on splitters and configure your house accordingly.

There are some cases in which a house is just really huge and a ton of signal is lost before it reaches the outlet. Usually, in a case like this, an amplifier or an active splitter will do the trick.

If your cable line is currently RG59, you should REALLY replace it with RG6.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Adding an amplifier to an outlet with a cable modem is often not recommended. The cable co. I work for considers it unacceptable. It's best to make sure the cable modem outlet is fed off the first split. A two-way splitter -- one leg feeding the modem outlet, the other leg feeding signal to the splitter for the TV outlets -- does the job nicely. If an amplifier is needed to boost the signal to the TV outlets, it can be placed between the first and second splitter.

    2007-10-07 10:21:21 (defiant See Profile)

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